To Walk in High Heels

Ini bukan semata kerana Kasut Tumit Tinggi atau Kasut Stiletto.. Tapi hal berkaitan wanita.. all about women thing's .. All about my Favourite things and my "I Wanna It " things..

Foundation - Revlon Colorstay 24 hrs

My Comment ?? So So la although the review all over the net is superb..
Why ? walaupun ianya for combination skin, but still my T Zone dah macam Zone Perang Minyak :-(
but the coverage Tip top and lasting sehingga la dicuci  :-)
Harga time promo dapat la RM52, but normal proce rasanya dalam RM62 or more ..

Blusher - Elianto

My Favourite for lipstick would be In2It Tawny
It's look nice and natural..glowing.. mosture enough for me la.. Murah and cantik.. Sesuai dengan saya and citarasa saya..NO kulit mulut kering.. to such thing kalau pakai murah tak cantik....
If you like it, you should try it..
Harga ? Less than RM20 .. murah kan !!!

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